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One month to go

Way too excited...

Today marks exactly one month before i jet off to Europe. Everything is booked and planned and just waiting to happen. I'm so excited - next time i post i'll be in London for the start of my 14 week, 18 Country, 27 City, 103 day adventure of a lifetime. See you then with tales from my European Adventure!

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I'm getting excited!

86 (long) days left til departure

Well with only 86 days left til departure things are really beginning to take shape. Tickets are beginning to arrive and plans are being confirmed. My route around Europe is decided. Now its just a matter of waiting for the 12th of November so i can get started. Other than that life goes on - although the trip is now taking a bit more of a focus is in daily life.

Europe Route:
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4 Months to Go...

but life still goes on

With 4 months to go til i begin my journey things are starting to happen. Flight Tickets have just arrived in the mail so no backing out now. Have booked the first three weeks of the trip - a week in london staying near Hyde Park, 10 days in Ireland jumping on a Paddywagon tour, then a week in Glasgow with connecting flights to Norway - who knows where to from there. However as i said life still goes on - working every day to earn money, going to Uni and contending with the dreaded exams! With 132 days left and counting i cant wait.

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The Countdown Begins

6 Months and Counting!

Well everything is starting to take shape for November. I am starting to plan things week by week and well, am getting a bit distracted from more important things eg Uni and Work. But at least things are starting to happen and my bank account is starting to go down. Looking forward to landing in Europe, not looking forward to the cold weather - I am a summer girl who loves hot weather, plus i have never even seen snow so a European Christmas is going to be a shock to the system. Anyway thats all for now, see you all when the countdown gets smaller.


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